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No more Excel, no more address lookups, no more hassle.

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What we do?

Freelance trainer management for your academy

Do you still get in touch with your freelance trainers manually to check if they can take over a course for you?

Is finding the right trainer for a client a combination of Excel, sticky notes, Google Maps and other tools?

We make your life much easier by providing you with the workflow to manage your trainers in a safe and central place.


Keep all your trainer data in a safe vault

Stop using outdated Excel worksheets that can easily be copied. Your trainer data is your asset and should be encrypted, password-protected and in a safe place.


Invite the right trainers to courses

With your trainer data uploaded, you can easily filter for trainers matching a specific language, tag, location, or more and request their availability for a course with just one button.

Stop using macros to see if you have trainers for a client!


Get available trainers easily

When you identified which trainers you want to invite to a course, with just the click of a button they can then accept or deny their availability for your course, without you needing to follow up.


Trainer reminders coming soon

If trainers do not respond by a deadline, reminders are automatically sent by the platform, so that you just need to wait.

No more manual follow-up work!

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Pricing plans

Our introductory offers.

Of course all of our plans are always fully encrypted & secure and do not need any installation.

Academy Starter

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  • Fully encrypted & safe
  • Up to 100 trainers
  • Up to 2 administrators
  • Support via email

Academy Plus

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  • Fully encrypted & safe
  • Up to 500 trainers
  • Up to 5 administrators
  • Custom branding

* Terms are subject to change.

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